- A VERY LIMITED EDITION 24 pcs 9ml A high concentration of 35%


I created a perfect mix between flower, oud, is Musk Al ghazal from Siberia

It is a wonderful therapeutic aromatic fragrance, We have a generous bouquet of flowers that pairs perfectly with sambac jasmine and champaca, with a note of Thai oud and Siberian musk that closes any debate.

Really it's a magnificent creation, I myself am terribly in love with this wonderful creation.

I decided to call her " Bouquet hypnotique " Because we fall in love with perfume, we constantly want it. YES ! I weigh my words !





- Top notes: Bergamote mint, Fleur blanche.


- Middle notes: Blue lotus, pink lotus, champaca, green myrtle, rose de Damas turc.


- Base notes: Jasmin sambac, Oud thaïlandais, musc de Sibérie .

Bouquet hypnotique

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