Noisette d'Asie is a subtle perfume, very soft highlighted by the original alliance of Oud wood and hazelnut, two different but complementary elements.

It is an elixir that I prepared with natural materials to provide you with an "olfactory" journey in an Asian forest between Thailand and Cambodia...

For this I used an Oud wood well known in the world of oriental perfumery:

The Oud Pranchin which is already in itself an olfactory marvel; it is a sweet oud that gives off aromas of anise but also smoky chocolate notes.

For this perfume I also used a Cambodian Oud.

"Noisette d'Asie" is an olfactory treasure that presents itself in a rather surprising way, because from the beginning the perfume exhales notes of resin and sweet spice, date...

The hazelnut although discreet is felt from the beginning, it will rise in intensity ...

It is a perfume that evolves very quickly and you can quickly perceive a note of light Amber coming to mingle beautifully acting as a signal given to the other components so that they also come to play their role.

Notes of tobacco, leather and cocoa appear and a fierce battle between the oud pranchin and the tobacco absolute breaks out.

"Noisette d'Asie" still has a nice surprise in store for us because in the final note the Cardamom enters the "scene" and it didn't come alone, I accompanied it with notes of pistachio, almond and raisin that come to refine its warm and sensual notes.

"Noisette d'Asie" is therefore a rather subtle perfume with a surprising evolution, it will delight Oud lovers but also those who want to get acquainted with this noble "wood" because it is composed of quite soft oud.

In this perfume it is not the woody side of the Oud that I wanted to emphasize but rather its spicy and leathery facets.

Noisette d'Asie is "an olfactory delicacy", a perfume where the hazelnut is always present and does not cease to rise in intensity, all this accompanied by chocolate notes, the sweetness is there and it is brought by the dry fruits which composes it and which confers a warm softness to him.




- Top notes: Oud thaï, hazelnut, chocolat.


- Middle notes: Oud, Amber, tobacco, cuirs, cacao.


- Base notes: Oud soft, pistachio, cardamom, almond, raisins dry, dates.

Noisette d'Asie

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